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NovaMobility - On the way to sustainable mobility

NovaMobility is a completely new approach for the distribution of charging stations in a municipality or a city. NovaMobility requires that an innovative municipality or city is willing to take responsibility for electric mobility. It became clear during the work that this also requires a change in thinking. Be it on the part of a municipality/city but also on the part of the consumers. At the moment, it is questionable whether the municipalities are willing to do this. This is where we see the greatest challenge for the success of NovaMobility.

Involved Institutions: Novaccess SA, ZHAW
Current State: Looking for potential Partners

Contact: Beat Lattmann

Guide to participatory budgeting

With this guide, they would like to review the experiences with participatory budgeting processes in Switzerland and make them accessible in an attractive, playful form. To this end, they have compiled their knowledge from the processes "Quartieridee Wipkingen" (2020/21) and "Stadtidee" (2021/22), both of which they were directly involved in, and compared it with the findings of other processes, e.g. in Lausanne ("Budget participatif") and in Lucerne ("Quartiereffekt"). The findings were published on the website in February 2023.

Involved Institutions: Urban Equipe, Stiftung Risiko-Dialog
Current State: Project is finished

Contact: Lars Kaiser


Climate Ticker

The Climate Ticker is a nationwide community and data-based platform. It enables the comparability of climate policies of municipalities and cantons and supports climate-conscious individuals and NGOs to demand local climate measures.

They are finalising the foundational elements of the project in order to start a vertical testing of the whole concept at the end of the year 2023. Next year they plan to iteratively improve upon the concept and then scale it to different cantons and municipalities.

Involved Institutions: Climate Alliance, Citys: Geneva & Bern, University of Geneva, ETH
Current State: Still working on it
Additional Funding: Yes

Plan E

The idea is to joint inform customers in the event of power interruptions. This allows end consumers to get live information about planned and unplanned interruptions. In addition, they can subscribe to locations to receive notifications via app. Furthermore, electricity interruptions can be reported and the app provides behavioural recommendations.

The Innovation Booster provided funding for a 1-week "design sprint". This focussed collaboration accross organizations allowed us to find solutions for our feasibility challenges and to refine our business case. As of April 2023, we have raised further funding from 11 utility companies and are now developing a first version (minimum viable product) with the VSE as overarching sponsor.

Involved Institutions: Liip AG, VSE, HSLU
Current State: Still working on it
Additional Funding: Yes
Information: Plan E
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